1st reactions // blueprint

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Modefabriek BlueprintArthur van Rongen, who presented ‘his’ re-launch of cult jeans label Lois. “We went straight to Spain, to the family that founded the brand under Franco at the time. We work very closely with one of the sons, Joaquin Saez-Merino,” van Rongen said, who has lived within the excitement of this adventure for over a year. “The sweaters with original logos are made in Portugal, but that’s as far as it goes. The ‘Made in Spain’ story is an important aspect.”  In accordance with the Spanish founder’s scion, Lois has decided on a long-term vision. “We would have been able to turn over large batches but we want to establish it correctly in the market first. Joaquin worded it beautifully: ‘Lois is my big sister, and I want to be proud of her.’”