Futureland // post couture collective

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FUTURELAND ModefabriekCo-ops bring together a passion for creation and a sense of adventure, which not only leads to cool capsule collections, but also has a broader effect: radical innovations. And plenty of innovation can be found at Modefabriek. In the heart of the ‘immersive trend installation’ Futureland, Martijn van Strien demonstrated his Post-Couture Collective live with an enormous laser printer. How does it work? We download a custom design – free due to the open source nature – and take the USB stick to a ‘maker space’ where the desired material is cut on the spot with a laser, after which you put together the garment without using a sewing machine. Martijn prefers to spend his time developing and implementing digital technology and would rather let others take responsibility for the design component in the future. Again, the co-op forms the basis of the business model and extends as far as the end user!