61NY // nieuwe herencollectie van PENN & INK

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Following their own view on clothes for a cosmopolitan man on the move. Designed by the Penn&Ink team and made in Italy from 100% cotton with a lived-in look and a unmistakable appeal, the 61NY collection contains original styles, innovated fabrics and designs and a new comfortable fit.

61NY love clothes that are versatile, that work from business in daytime to casual in night-time and vice versa. Perfect for different climate zones and the presently unpredictable weather worldwide. They are travellers and have to pack the right suitcase. Through work, holidays and childhood they have travelled the world. Every time they depart or arrive they get a new view on life that is how they fill the sketchbook of ideas. The ambition is to create a fine American basic heritage, but with a more refined twist. They call it “travel the world collection”. Always on the move!