Modefabriek gaat partnership aan met ABN AMRO

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Modefabriek is delighted to announce an official partnership with ABN AMRO. The bank is exceptionally well informed about the fashion world and fashion entrepreneurs, so Modefabriek sees this partnership as an excellent opportunity to further strengthen and develop the business aspect of its offering. This new expertise will be offered to visitors to Modefabriek in the form of a Fashion Desk, to be set up by the bank and staffed by account managers specialising in the fashion business.

During the 31st edition of Modefabriek, ABN AMRO will be setting up a Fashion Desk, bringing new and existing entrepreneurs into contact with a banker who is familiar with all the ‘ins and outs’ of doing business in the fashion world. The Fashion Desk will be manned by ABN AMRO account managers, who will offer visitors to Modefabriek advice and guidance. The bank has an extensive portfolio in the fashion industry, including both small start-ups and major companies. Visitors can find the Fashion Desk in the Refined section.

Lucel van den Hoeven, CEO of Modefabriek, views the partnership with ABN AMRO as a way of ensuring that Modefabriek’s offering is even more extensive.

“ABN AMRO is a bank with strong roots in the fashion industry. This collaboration will further strengthen the position of Modefabriek as a commercial platform. The Fashion Desk will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to speak to professionals who are familiar with and understand the specific challenges faced by those in the fashion industry. That will be of great benefit. In future we hope to be able to make more use of ABN AMRO’s expertise, particularly to help young talent.”

ABN AMRO is aware of the growing importance of the fashion industry in the Netherlands. It sees its partnership with Modefabriek as a way of demonstrating its commitment to the industry and confirming its position as a financial partner to the companies involved. “We are dedicated to this industry and know all of its ‘ins and outs’. Our aim is to help narrow the gap between creativity and entrepreneurialism by offering pragmatic advice to our clients in the fashion industry. In fact, in a sense we see ourselves as being in the fashion business too,” said the bank in a statement.

The Fashion Desk at Modefabriek will be based on the ABN AMRO Fashion Desk at the Leidseplein office in Amsterdam, which serves a substantial number of clients in the fashion industry. This was where the bank first started deploying account managers with great expertise in the fashion industry.

In addition, the bank is focusing on the development of talented young designers by offering them a platform to take their first steps towards commercial success in the fashion world. In order to narrow the gap between fashion courses and the fashion business, in 2010 ABN AMRO began helping to organise master classes for young designers: the Fashion Fasterclass.