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Joris van Velzen

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Coen Freriks,
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Hi, we are Coqtail, and we are the official Modefabriek eCommerce partner. We will be there to present the latest discoveries in online retail. Coqtail offers online solutions for the fashion industry. We build E-commerce platforms and help brands get the best results out of their online presence. As part of our partnership with Modefabriek, we are offering all brands and retailers a free
website/webshop analysis. As a part of this “quickscan”, we will provide you with a list of
improvements to get the most out of your website or webshop. We will be available at the Modefabriek itself to discuss the outcome, and see if we can help youIf you have any questions about your website or webshop please send us a request at We will be at the ‘Modefabriek’ to discuss the outcome of the analysis of your website. Curious on how you can improve? See you there…

Eef Ouwehand,
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iPhone photography expert and author of smartphone photography (>20.000 copies sold). In a simple and clear way I help you to take better pictures with your smartphone and give you tips on how to use these images to improve your connection with your customers.
Eef lives in Amsterdam with her family and loves Instagram, travelling, good food & essential oils.


Kirsten Jassies,
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How do I gain more followers on Instagram?
Where do i get daily beautiful pictures to post?
Is it true that not all your followers see the photos you post?
Should I advertise on Instagram?
Why is Snapchat so popular?
What can a brand do on Snapchat, where content disappears in 24 hours?
Is my target audience even active on Snapchat?
What kind of content is good for Snapchat and how often should I post?


Joris van Velzen,
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Four years ago, Joris van Velzen got involved within online media. What started with writing articles grew to working for major online platforms, international fashion brands and marketing agencies. From here onwards he started his own company Imprint, where he developed MAN MAN. Within a year, it has become one of the most read online magazines for the Dutch men. Moreover, Imprint is the solution for content marketing, social media, online production and design.


Lonneke Reitsma,
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Ask me anything about how to achieve the best results from SEO or SEA and how to measure and interprete all online data you have from your customers!

Het Communicatielokaal (The Communication Channel), my business company, consults and assists temporary staffing and project-base companies to grow their E-commerce and Online Marketing business activities. Our specialty is SEO & SEA and Data Analytics. I am a Google Analytics and Adwords Certified Partner. Good data analysis is essential in making strategic choices also when it comes to online optimization, increasing online sales and brand awareness and seizing online opportunities. Het Communicatielokaal also supervises implementation and optimization projects for new and existing (mobile) websites as well as for online product launches and apps.