Aynouk Tan gastcurator van Tumblr.com expositie

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Besides being a fashion journalist, icon and blogger for Modefabriek, Aynouk Tan is guest curator of an exhibition about (fashion) bloggers.

‘Huis voor Beeldcultuur’ asked the Amsterdam born journalist about her view and vision on the contemporary Internet phenomenon: Tumblr.com. In the exhibition ‘Your original is having a complete human change meltdown makeover’ Aynouk researched how young people present themselves through this gathering of blogs and how their self-image is created. Tan studied Tumblr.com by literally stepping in the shoes of a fashion blogger by making her own Tumblr: http://aiiin0uky-lol-4-life.tumblr.com

You can visit the exhibition ‘Your Original is Having a Complete Human Change Meltdown Makeover’ from 15 February – 24 March, in ‘Huis voor Beeldcultuur’. www.huisvoorbeeldcultuur.nl