Terug van weggeweest : Strellson in The Square

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strellson2 - kopie

Innovative, international, confident: Strellson creates fashion for men who go their own way. Strellson fashions underscore the personality of their wearer and stand for credibility, success and distinctive style. You can find a short intro about the Premium and Sportswear line below.

Premium line
The Strellson Premium collection is visibly inspired by the social trend towards technology and active wear, which play an increasingly important role. The informed Strellson Man moves in a world where the lines between reality and virtuality have become blurred over time. In this context, formal wear is now presented in a new light and is more versatile than ever before. The Strellson Man knows how to harmonize tradition and modernity and newly interpret his style to create a natural and casual look.

Sportswear line
Independent, inquisitive, adventuresome – the Strellson Man displays these attributes in Spring/Summer 2015. He easily mixes and matches combinations, colours and silhouettes. He continues to evolve his personal style and is open to new ideas. He confidently navigates in a world where the real and the virtual are increasingly fused.

Both lines are designed in Switzerland. You can find Strellson at The Square segment.