Terug op Modefabriek: Gaastra

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Schermafbeelding 2015-07-01 om 14.00.32

Gaastra continues with ”Fashion Follows Function”

And the new SS16 collection looks back on the evolution and development of the brand in last couple of years. With the sport clothing and the new Breton- and Sailmaker collection, the new Gaastra Spring/Summer 2016 collection are signs of a new sense and reinvention.

In all collections, statement pieces are restored with a fresh twist on trend fits and designs. With their SS16 collection, Gaastra looks back on a large and international evolution the brand has been through since Douwe Gaastra began a sail business in Sneek, 1897. Gaastra became this big by iconic pieces as crew jacks, peacoats and polos. The SS16 collection is a tribute to these pieces with a trend-on approach, new fits and new designs.