Terug op Modefabriek: NOOSA-Amsterdam

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“With our fashion accessories, we want to inspire women to follow their heart, to remind them of their strength, and to invite them to give it their all, not only by adding something to the outside, but also by emphasising what’s on the inside.” NOOSA-Amsterdam is the lifestyle brand behind the successful bracelets, belts and bags with the unique Chunks®. These fabulous snap charms are handmade from the most beautiful natural materials.

The interchangeable Chunks® are a unique concept devised by founders Alette Zeijlstra and Nathalie Mangnus. Chunks® features positive symbols from cultures and traditions from around the world. They are interchangeable and can be used with all NOOSA accessories. This makes every item unique and gives NOOSA jewellery personal value and meaning. “We feel very strongly about women being allowed to express themselves, being independent and creating their own style,” says Nathalie. The positive symbolism of the Chunks® can be used to tell your own story, from memories and events you wish to celebrate and for which you are grateful or need support to milestones and special desires.

NOOSA-Amsterdam bracelets - kopie

Across the planet, in all cultures and throughout history, you can see that this is actually the origin of jewellery and decorations, as a means to express who you are, where you belong, what you have experienced and who you want to be. This also explains the success of NOOSA, believes Anne-Gien Haan, Managing Director, due to it being a universal concept. The fashion accessories from NOOSA-Amsterdam are now also sold in various European countries. “The success is extremely gratifying, not only for our brand, but also for all of our employees,” says Anne-Gien. NOOSA works with as many natural materials as possible and according to the fair trade principles. More than 400 craftspeople in Nepal can earn an honest living and send their children to school as a result. These principles are an absolute necessity for NOOSA-Amsterdam. The list of ambitions that NOOSA aims to achieve is long: quality, handmade, natural materials, according to fair trade principles, and creating a lifestyle brand, a fashion statement that empowers women and supports their own style and independence.

NOOSA-Amsterdam will be expanding further internationally next year, while remaining a pioneer in the Netherlands. “We will continue to create fashion accessories that can be customised and that have meaning. But we also aim to innovate. Like the Chunk® concept, we also want to come up with other new, unique concepts,” adds Anne-Gien. Next season, NOOSA-Amsterdam will be presenting a new collection of bags, a new line of rings and a further expansion of the sophisticated Petite line. And, of course, all of these will be in keeping with the fair trade principle as much as possible. “We wouldn’t want it any other way,” concludes Nathalie.