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Art Comes First x Liam Maher As we announced earlier this season, those who really want to create a win-win-win situation need to join forces. This lets you arm each other with knowledge, inspiration and striking power. We saw fabulous examples this season and customers enjoy the super-powered result.

Liam Maher, creative director of Denham, gave an MF Talk on ‘Sartoria Prohemium’. Together with Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh from Art Comes First, he has developed a new vision of storytelling. In a nutshell, a man reflects who he is by what he wears and can draw from the goldmine of world history in creating a look. Maher brings together historic and traditional knowledge for today’s man: “It’s all about progression, about trying to do it better.”

Liam Maher Art Comes First

The ACF collective was also showcased at the curated menswear platform in District C. The gentlemen focus on craft and the historic significance of menswear with a great deal of passion. It’s not pretty pictures that inspire, but flesh-and-blood people: “Consumers are too much followers, we want to inspire them to be inspired.” Art Comes First is in fact a large co-op: “It’s a community of makers.”

Co-ops bring together a passion for creation and a sense of adventure, which not only leads to cool capsule collections, but also has a broader effect: radical innovations. And plenty of innovation can be found at Modefabriek. In the heart of the ‘immersive trend installation’ Futureland, Martijn van Strien demonstrated his ‘Post-Couture Collective‘ live with an enormous laser printer. At the ‘makers space’ the custom design -in the desired material- is cut on the spot with a laser, after which you put together the garment without using a sewing machine. Again, the co-op forms the basis of the business model and extends as far as the end user!