Contact with Content

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In his MF Talk together with Patta and Levi’s, Perre van den Brink, Head of Content at VICE, emphasised the importance of authenticity in telling your story through social media. “Brands need to increasingly act as publisher: you need to communicate and engage your public continuously, and that requires a great deal of content.”

The new Stories function on Instagram in particular is an important tool for showing who you are, what you do, how, for whom, and what you stand for, with still images apparently being three times as successful. “But you need to make sure it’s credible and genuinely interesting because the public can smell a fake from a mile away.”

Plenty of inspiration, new ideas and information for a successful new season. Modefabriek wishes everyone a great collaboration – and More. See you at the summer edition on 9 & 10 July 2017!