Denim, denim…denim

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Benzak Denim Developers

Men’s fashion is as dominant as ever on the denim platform Blueprint. This is another sector which is moving at a fast pace. The HTNK Story Store will stand out between the famous brands at this edition once again with a range of small and local labels such as Benzak Denim Developers, Daily Paper, Filling Pieces, Incase, Mick Keus, OntFront, Olaf Hussein, Kurt and Ven & Vogel.

This edition of Modefabriek reflects more clearly than ever how processes are now increasingly important. Jesper Remmerswaal of Tulp Jeans will showcase his jeans-making craft and the old industrial machines that it involves, including a Union Special 35800, a Union Special 6900 belt loop and a Reece 101 keyhole machine. Guests can see one of these machines live in action.

Another ‘live craft’ performance will be given by Flybird designer Franky Boateng, who will be giving an on-the-spot demonstration of how he makes his bags and accessories. A special Nudie Jeans ‘denim stage’ will be there, where the band Valerius will perform a few acoustic tracks on Sunday, and (not to be missed at Blueprint) the ‘Blue Archives’, an exhibition of special items from the archives of the renowned Swiss jeans collector Ruedi Karrer. The exhibition at Modefabriek has been put together by Wouter Munnichs from, and celebrates Karrer’s 40th year as a denim collector.