Designer labels

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As in previous editions of the event, visitors really appreciated the Refined+ and Dutch Touch Coming Home platforms. Benjamin Swart of the Belgian Fashion07 agency, who was represented at Refined+ with his April, May, Pyrus and MiH Jeans labels, was full of praise: ‘The set-up, with so much space and light, beats that of many other fashion fairs, including Paris. The number of visitors was slightly lower than expected, but the quality – both of the retailers and of the media outlets – couldn’t be beat. The segment could be expanded a little, in order to attract more potential buyers for this level. Belgian designer Glenn Martens, who was spotlighted at this year’s Cutting Edge, also attracted many visitors and members of the media. Nadine Kooijman of the Dutch label Raafh added: ‘For Raafh, Refined+ is a perfect place to make our presence known. We talked to a lot of people and made new connections, including with the media.’
The home-grown designers in their Dutch Touch Coming Home stands also found the event rewarding in many ways. Although a label like Bas Kosters may have been slightly out of place, other brands, such as YOUASME MEASYOU, Sjaak Hullekes, Spijkers en Spijkers, Marcha Hüskes and Ready to Fish did ‘catch’ the attention of the media and bloggers and made lots of new customer contacts. Here, too, participants expressed a clear desire to attract more high-end retailers.