Spijkers & Spijkers Modefabriek

Talent has always been a very important ingredient at Modefabriek and over the years, we have created various platforms. Including everyone from fresh new graduates to unusual start-ups and proven talent from designer labels. In PROSPECT in DISTRICT D you will find today’s must-see talents, chosen by Carlo Wijnands: Spijkers&Spijkers by sisters Truus and Riet Spijkers from Arnhem, the women’s shoes label Eijk Amsterdam, Setting the Mood with their leather scarves from Schagen, the young Dutch-Curaçaoan designer Anbasja Blanken, the Hague shoe label Bend-it by Anke and Inge Kuipers, knitwear label KELE Clothing from Budapest and La Methamorphose from Montreal.

Carlo has also selected the best ‘prospects’ from this summer’s Dutch fashion graduates: Daniel Aitouganov and Evie Cowan from AMFI Amsterdam, Marina van Dieren, Ailene van Elmpt and Johanna Bas Backer from ArtEZ Arnhem, Steven van Rijt and Suzanne Barten from HKU Utrecht, Yamuna Forzani and Nadie Borgreve from KABK Den Haag and Yoko Maja Hansen from the Rietveld in Amsterdam. Meet the designers and check out their work!