Editie 35 // recap

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The summer season really came through at Modefabriek, on Sunday 14 and Monday 15 July at Amsterdam RAI. Upon arrival, visitors were welcomed by the pleasant hustle and bustle of the Modefabriek Summer Bazaar. An outdoor festival with various shops, terraces and a DJ giving the event summery tones throughout. Once inside, inspiration was everywhere to be found at the Trendcarrousel, a forecast installation with the main trends for 2014. What better place to kick off everyone’s journey through the segments and platforms full of the new summer collections?

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Wide range
The Blueprint platform not only offered a variety of choices in exquisite labels; there were also a number of activities. For instance, a sewing workshop was hosted by the Groningen-based Denim Repair shop, there were live bands and none other than Ruedi Karrer showed part of his vast jeans collection at Denim Archives. Young designers like Mick Keus and Olaf Hussein also had the opportunity to present themselves. Leonie Zijlstra of Kings of Indigo said, “The new Blueprint layout is really good. It’s clearer and more in view. We like to take the time and deliver quality. It’s all about passion for the product; that’s our focus.’ Another label which values the environment is Natural Denim Selection. Mercedes de Bruyn: ‘Blueprint is a wonderful platform. We acquired some great contacts. It’s always fun to be here.’ In the Authentic segment, the MINT platform was entirely dedicated to fair trade and sustainability. Marieke Eyskoot, co-initiator of the MINT platform and pioneer in Forward Fashion, said: ‘It’s really lively here; there’s lots to do. Everyone’s doing good business and writing out plenty of sales orders. This edition, we added six new labels.’ One of those labels was sustainable shoe brand Bhava. New Yorker Francisca Pineda was very positive: ‘We’re seeing a clear demand in the market. Our last collection was picked up very quickly. The timing was just perfect.’ Another form of sustainability is buying vintage clothing. Visitors could customise their purchase right away at Vintage Kilo Sale by having it screen printed, altered or painted.

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Positive vibe
From here, it was only a few short steps to the Appearance segment. The label Aaiko did well on both days: ‘We’ve acquired many new customers. The first day, we only had four employees at the stand, which was way too few; there were so many people!’ Debbie Kat told us. Goosecraft’s Raymondo Laks was also pleased: ‘We have a lot of new customers and our existing customers are enthused about the collection. We’ve noticed that they narrow down their selections and are now focusing on Goosecraft. We’re the sprinkles on the sundae.’ It was German label Tigha’s first time at Modefabriek: ‘This trade fair is a great marketing platform for us to introduce our label. We’re getting fantastic feedback from customers, on our collection and our stand,’ Max Schulte told us. The Chapter Platform breathed an atmosphere of luxury menswear. Carlos Feijoo Jimeno of Hackett London said: ‘We’re very pleased with Chapter.’ The cocktail bar and the barber make it great fun. The coffee corner is great for sitting down with customers.’

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conscious choices
provided a platform for upcoming labels. Klaes Boersma of Black by K&M: ‘It’s a really enjoyable fair. Not only because of the response to our collection, but also because of the way it’s been set up – it just works. It’s transparent and orderly. I think the visitors see it the same way.’ Next door at Dutch Touch Coming Home were, among others, SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers. ‘We have a great spot near the entrance and have acquired lots of new customers. We’ve also planned in meetings and new sales orders and gained contacts. We’re really very optimistic.’ Mark van Vorstenbos and Twan Janssen of Youasme Measyou shared in this optimism: ‘This professional attitude is good for Modefabriek.’ The customers are indeed more aware; they make better decisions, but that’s a good thing! This is an excellent location. It’s good to promote young Dutch brands this way.’