Fashion Council at Modefabriek

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The Fashion Council NL will be present at the Modefabriek 2015. Come and talk on the 12th and 13th of July.

Fashion Council NL, why necessary?

Fashion Council NL serves as liaison officer. A neutral party within the fashion industry is necessary to situate itself as the much-needed connection between creativity, education and commerce. The different parties can benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience to develop a vision on the definition of fashion in the Netherlands.


• FCNL identifies, mediates, selects, refers and advises.

• Specific and unique education

• More employment opportunities in the complete Dutch fashion chain for emerging      talents

• Stimulate research and innovation

• Stimulate sustainable technology, cultural and economic development

• Develop a sustainable quality of the Dutch fashion chain

Why is the Fashion Council NL present on the Modefabriek?

Retail is an important facet of the fashion industry. Therefore, the Modefabriek makes a fantastic platform to start the conversation. During the meet and greet one can meet the team of Fashion Council NL. Knowledge can be shared, crossovers can be made and collaborations can start.

We hope to see you there!