Fast Forward

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24 & 25 January 2016 mark the 40th edition of Modefabriek on the international fashion calendar. We are proud of each one of those editions. However, we always look to the future in the world of fashion. Never look back. Always keep moving forward. Those who love fashion love change. And Modefabriek changes right along with them. During the upcoming winter edition, visitors can look forward to a completely new layout.

Always in tune with the latest developments in fashion and retail, Modefabriek does not hesitate to continuously self-reflect. What are the needs right NOW? How can Modefabriek best facilitate and inspire the discipline? One of the most important new trends is ‘co-op’. Our business dealings intertwine more and more and we need one another to achieve success. The retail business demands creativity and innovation, Modefabriek provides this platform and brings these elements together. This winter in a whole new lay-out to inspire and stimulate new meetings.

DISTRICT A: On Trend, Snazzy and Glamorous, Laid Back and Up Beat, this is the place for Fast Moving Fashion for Men and Women

District A is where the largest part of the fashion audience is represented by accessible, on trend, fast moving fashion and accessory brands for men and women, from young adult and up. This is where all retailers big and small will find fashion savvy and commercially potent offerings.

DISTRICT B: High Identity, Upper Edge and New Generation Leaders in Global Denim and Streetwear Fashion

District B is where you’ll find your fashion forward denim aficionado’s, revalued craftsmanship and re-imagined heritage brands. Streetwear’s finest all grown up and embracing the new kids on the block, this is a district infatuated by a brand new generation of creative entrepreneurs.

DISTRICT C: Premium Quality, Contemporary Classics and Cosmopolitan Fashion Brands for Style Savvy Men and Women

District C combines the best in high-end international fashion from cosmopolitan boutique style womenswear to contemporary classic menswear, both for business and leisure. A stylish trendsetter playground of sophisticated elegance, city smart style and advanced must haves.

DISTRICT D: The Future looks Bright with the Best in Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle at MINT and a Smart selection of New Business Ideas

District D is the place to be for the future of fashion: gathered under the MINT umbrella you’ll meet the most stylish and bestselling of (inter)national fashion brands made with respect for people and the environment. District D, being all about positivity and innovation, is also the place to discover the latest retailer trends, tools and know how to up your game in the fashion business.