Featured: Gijs Kast

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Illustrator Gijs Kast graduated in 2008 from Design Academy Eindhoven. In 2009, he published his first book ‘Bohnhase, the black paper’. His talent was soon acknowledged: in 2010 he already won the Dutch Design Award for best illustrator. Nowadays he makes illustrations for de Volkskrant, het Parool and Vrij Nederland and this month his second book ‘Ba?ibo?’ will be published. In 2008 Gijs Kast portrayed Modefabriek’s visitors in the Superstore.

In 2011, Gijs Kast lived and worked for half a year in Istanbul. The title of this book derives from the Turkish word for  wandering or getting lost; a recognizable situation in this city with its unpredictable street plan and disorganized selling on the street.

‘Istanbuls disorder resists classification,’ stated Orhan Pamuk, but the city turns out to be particularly suitable for an illustrated portrait. In ‘Basibos’ life passes by as an illustrated documentary.