Eerste zomercollectie ‘Barts’ te zien op Modefabriek

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Barts SS14

Throughout the years, the brand Barts had developed into a fashion leader in winter accessories. This season they introduces the first ‘Barts’ summercollection. The company is based in Amsterdam and can be found in boutiques and high end department stores all over Europe. Original, creative designs and strong color combinations make Barts stand out in summer as well.

Barts first summer collection brings fresh ideas and styles. The well-known originality, refreshing, vibrant and strong creativeness of Barts winter accessories now immerges in an exciting summer collection. Think bold colors, retro-tropical prints, edgy mixes of neutral colors. The unisex collection includes woven and printed scarves, sarongs, practical bags as well as casual summer hats. You will find Barts in the Industry segment at Modefabriek.