GoodPeople op Modefabriek

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Inspired by life itself, GoodPeople is a fashion label that celebrates both the joys and trials of being a man. In all designs GoodPeople combines refined quality with deliberate imperfection. From a strong line of fitted shirts, to hand finished knits and tailored blazers: the offbeat yet functional designs, vibrant detailing and contrasting schemes emphasise a man’s character.


Continuously aiming to push its boundaries GoodPeople represents the grown-up bon vivant who always remained the boyish outlook on life. GoodPeople knows how to put on their best behaviour but sometimes just like to break free from society’s expectations. Just when you think you know what to expect, the collection will take you by surprise by spinning another twist, leaving you hungry for more. That is life according to GoodPeople.

The signature cloud logo, featured on the garments, represents this ultimate state of liberty.

GoodPeople can be found in THE SQUARE at Modefabriek.