GoodPeople // Bijzondere kleuren

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GoodPeople, founded in 2007, offers a complete range of wardrobe essentials for the modern man. The designs are characterized by the contrast between classic sophistication and playful recklessness. All garments are crafted in Europe and typical is the use of refined materials.

This season GoodPeople invites the strong headed enfant terrible on an expedition. The SS’14 collection was inspired by Jacques Yves Cousteau, the iconic French explorer of the sea. This theme is reflected in the collection through the use of bold materials and details that any sailor would wear with pride. The GoodPeople SS’14 collection has an outstanding color palette. Colors such as red hat (inspired by Jacques Cousteau’s hat), marine navy, suntanned beige, seaweed green and jellyfish pink are used in unexpected color-blockings and classic sailor stripes. The bright colors in the collection are treated with a special washing, leaving the garments with a faded look as if they endured a rough life at sea.