Heartwear (by Lidewij Edelkoort & friends) op Modefabriek

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Heartwear was created in 1993, by Lidewij Edelkoort and her group of fashion designer friends. It is a non-profit organisation that collaborates with artisans by helping them produce their products on a larger scale, without compromising their know-how, skills, culture or the environment they live and work in. Heartwear chooses to produce high-level, quality products and to distribute them across a large network with the help of department stores and magazines. Heartwear has created indigo-coloured textiles for fashion and interior designs with artisans in Benin, ceramics with artisans in Morocco and khadi cotton in India. The profits are reinvested in the region where the artists live and the goal of the organisation is for the local industry to become self-sustainable.

You can find Heartwear in The Frame (E). For more information about Heartwear, contact Marijke van Nunen or visit the website: www.marijkevannuneninterieur.nl.