Highlight – Woman by Earn

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Woman by Earn is established in 2011, reflecting the passion of Erna Mostert, and that is creating and producing clothing for the self-confident woman who knows how she wants to dress during different times of the day. Not by following the trends, but from a confident attitude and own style.

Woman by Earn, has an excellent fit and works exclusively with high quality materials. The collections are tailored to colour and consists of jackets, trousers, dresses, blouses, knits, sweat, jerseys & accessories. From sketches to production, up to the delivery; everything is supervised personally and intensively. The production takes place in Europe, under decent and fair conditions. Woman by Earn delivers twice a year from its collection to its selected shops. Where the owner knows the customer, and she will be treated personally. Since the beginning in 2011, Woman by Earn is a success in the Netherlands, and will expand in 2015 in Germany.

Woman by Earn can be found at the new platform STUDIO. More information about the brand can be found at: modefabriek-online.nl