HTNK story store

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HTNK hosts the Story Store, a platform featuring the next generation of cutting edge brands and products. Participating brands all have an inspiring story to tell; whether it’s the 23-year-old successful sneaker entrepreneur of Filling Pieces, contemporary men’s apparel inspired by the African heritage of the guys behind Daily Paper, or timeless jeans made out of original denim with true craftsmanship by Mick Keus. Modefabriek visitors are welcome to drop by our store to meet the entrepreneurs behind the brands and shop for tokens of their stories.

Atelier de l’Armee / Moose & Goose / Filling Pieces / Marly van Lipzig / Mick Keus / Mischa Rocks / Ontfront / Musketon / Ven  & Vogel / By Mölle / Sasha Kanevski /
Incase / Bowtieful / Daily Paper Clothing / Benzak Denim Developers

Cil Laurens / Meis Belle Wahr / Laura Andalou / Lot Madeleine