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In SPOTLIGHT, we take a closer look at shops, their brands and buying behaviour. This week: Anna + Nina, Amsterdam


Open since: February 2013

Labels like: Jewelrocks, HOLST + LEE, Ela Stone, The Old House, M.COHEN, Bar Chad and interior brands like: House Doctor.

Customer description: Our customers are woman in the age of 20 until 35, but we also attract some male customers. They all have a lovely home and collect beautiful stuff to add to their collection. Our customer loves the good things in life and is always looking for cool and new original items who are not procurable everywhere.

Anna + Nina

What do you do ‘extra’ in (difficult) times like these? We do a lot of things: we give extra service, serve the best coffee, play the right music and we always have fresh flowers in the store. We pay attention to the circulation of assortment and interior, so customers get surprised when they come in. Anna + Nina is not only a place to buy beautiful things, but also a place to get inspired.

How do you compose a collection? We compose the collection in our store counting on our feeling. The most important thing for us is: if we believe in a piece, we buy it. We love beautiful things and so does our costumer. It doesn’t really matter what kind of item it is: someone who loves a beautiful bracelet can also enjoy a pretty pepper and salt shaker or good truffle oil. We buy what we love, with some commercial awareness.

Anna + Nina