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In SPOTLIGHT, we take a closer look at shops, their brands and buying behaviour. This week: Appel67, Amsterdam.


Open sinds: 2002

Labels like: Aaiko, Calvin Klein,Goosecraft, Laundry Industry, G-star, Mads Norgaard, Levi’s, Nudie Jeans, Drykorn, Liebeskind.

Costumer description: Our customers, both man and woman are between the age of 22 till 50. Both have an income, so they can spend a bit more on clothes. They care about sustainability, so they buy fair but also beautiful fashion.

What do you do ‘extra’ in (difficult) times like these? We try to improve the connection with our customer via activities on Facebook and by giving them goodie bags. In addition we also organize special evenings in our shops for companies. For example for Heineken, whose office is across our shop.

How do you compose a collection? I buy the collections we sell in our store myself. Therefore I go to fashion fairs in Europe, including Modefabriek because a lot of the brands we sell present their collection at Modefabriek.