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In SPOTLIGHT, we take a closer look at shops, their brands and buying behaviour. This week: Bryant, Hoorn


Open since: I started the store in 2009. I had another store before this one, also named Bryant, which I started in 1995.

Labels like: For man: Armani, Tramarossa, Kenzo, Jacob Cohen, Moncler, Dolce en Gabbana. For woman: Halé Bob, Twin-set, Patrizia Pepe, 7 for all mankind, Atos Lombardini, en Moncler.

Customer description: Everyone who is interested in fashion, ranging between the age of 16 until 70. The strongest representative target group are man and woman from 30 to 50 with an income above average. A lot of entrepreneurs and so called ‘decision’ makers visit our store.


What do you do ‘extra’ in (difficult) times like these? Because of the big space of our shop, we have the ability to organise events in our store. For example, we hosted the launch of a new Samsung mobile phone here. We have the connections to make this kind of events happen in our store. Every year we organize big events outside our store, along with other entrepreneurs like the most exclusive hear dresser, the best restaurant of Hoorn etc. We have a lot of personal contact with our customer. We make sure our collections are up-to-date and we often change our interior settings to keep our customer inspired. Renewing is very important for us.

How do you compose a collection? I get inspired by the internet first. I look for trends and what’s happening in fashion. Then I make a selection of all the brands to create a nice coherent overall picture. Our clothes are not arranged by label but by colour because when a customer comes to ‘Bryant’ they have to understand our look and feel.