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In SPOTLIGHT, we take a closer look at shops, their brands and buying behaviour. This week: By Meave, Arnhem.


Open since: August 2009

Labels like: Fillipa K, Stranesse, Hans Ubbink, Ilja Visser, Joline Jolink, Paul Smith, Philomijn, Tiger of Sweden and Margriet Nannings.

Costumer description: Man and woman around the age of 35. They both have a full time job and therefor have less time to shop. That is why they often buy more sets of clothes at the time, so that they are done for the season. Our customer wants to look nice, representative and not to flashy. They expect high quality clothes and have an eye for beautiful details.

What do you do ‘extra’ in (difficult) times like these?

We distinguish ourselves by giving very high service.

We have big fitting rooms, offer our customers some free coffee and thee and the clothes can be re-fitted or shortened. One of the labels we sell is Margriet Nannings and she makes clothes of her own collection on request. For example she can make a top in a different colour. We know our customer personally, so we know what their wishes are.

How do you compose a collection?

At Fashion Fairs I visit all the brands who sell in my store. Then I check the turnover of the previous season and decide per category how much I want to spend. In store, I want to attract people by clothing they like, not to be guided by label. That’s why the collections in my store are not presented by label but by colour or look and feel.


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