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In SPOTLIGHT, we take a closer look at shops, their brands and buying behaviour. This week: Centre Neuf, Amsterdam

Centre Neuf

Open since: Started in 2007. We were last August open for 6 years.

Labels like: Vanessa Bruno, Carven, Athe, Kenzo, Sonia Rykiel, Tiger of Sweden, Dante 6, Iro, Aaiko, Won Hundred and Avril Gau.

Customer description: Our store is suitable for everyone, even till the ages of 60/70. We see a lot of mothers and daughters who are shopping together. Our customer loves beautiful clothes, great quality, being served and the atmosphere in our store. The women who shop our clothes are looking for pieces that fits their body structure perfectly.

What do you do ‘extra’ in (difficult) times like these? We have a strict policy when it comes to quality. If an item does not meets the requirements, we send it back. We provide extra service and help our customer where we can. In times like these, with a bad economy, people are looking for more quality and luxury clothing. However, we try to be accessible in terms of price. The winter collection is more luxury and rich.

Centre Neuf

It is notable that people want to buy precious pieces in times that they have less to spend. Products should be worth the price and of high duration. We ensure that we offer a collection that fits everyone’s budget, that is why we have a combination between Aaiko and Vanessa Bruno. We search for every collection the right atmostphere that fits Centre Neuf. We regularly keep in touch with our customer via social media.

How do you compose a collection? We know what we want. I don’t get misguided by the most commercial piece in a collection, but I follow my own taste. Sometimes an agent want me to purchase that specific piece because many other buyers bought it too. But why should I? I am not sensitive for that. We first check the whole collection of each label before we make our selection. We pay attention to the fit, finishes, the look of our store and the possibility to make unique sets. We are not that active with visiting trade fairs. If we feel that what we purchase is not complete, we take a look at what the shop really need. For example new shoes or an accessories label. We photograph everything we buy to make sure the collection is a coherent whole. It is fun to see everything together every new season.

Centre Neuf