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In SPOTLIGHT, we take a closer look at shops, their brands and buying behaviour. This week: Didato, Amsterdam.


Open since: The store at the P.C. Hoofdstraat is open since 1989. I’ve opened the store at the Utrechtsestraat this year, at the first of January.

Labels like:  7 for all mankind, Closed, Just Cavalli, Blue Blood, Alexander McQueen, Moncler, and Filling Pieces.

Costumer description: Our customer is interested in fashion and our customer at the Utrechtsestraat prefers to buy up and coming Dutch fashion labels. Our store is visited by man between the age of 18 till 45 years old.

What do you do ‘extra’ in (difficult) times like these?

We pay extra attention to customer service and try to distinguish ourselves by adding labels to our collection who are not yet discovered in Amsterdam. For example, I found the labels Filling Pieces and Etiquette at Modefabriek last January. They sell very well and people even come to our shop specially for these labels.

How do you compose a collection?
In the Netherlands I go to Modefabriek to scout Dutch talents. Like I said, last edition I discovered Etiquette en Filling pieces. Furthermore I visit fashion fairs in America and Europe to look for new and fresh international talents to add to my collection. I sell a mixture of Dutch and international brands.