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In SPOTLIGHT, we take a closer look at shops, their brands and buying behaviour. This week: Sedotto, Haarlem


Open since : October 2010

Labels like: Siviglia, Tombolini, G.Abo, Tramarossa, Fratelli Borgioli, Allegri,,Camiceria Sanfort en Marcoliani.

Customer description: We have a mixed target group, ranging between the age of 21 until 82 years old. The man that visits our store prefers Italian craftsmanship. Our customer loves to visit the store to have a chat while having an espresso at the bar. Quality, in many ways is important for them.

What do you do ‘extra’ in (difficult) times like these?
Service is the most important thing to distinguish your shop. For me it’s very important to make a lot of effort towards my customer to make him happy and a satisfied customer. For example: you don’t have to pay extra to let a garment be re-fitted. Next to Italian craftsmanship, we carry a wide assortment of Italian products, such as gastronomy, wines, shaving products, man’s cosmetics and books. I strongly believe in physical stores functioning as a meeting place. Often there is interaction between customers having a conversation about Italy, for example about recipes or places to be in Italy. This kind of common interest creates a relaxing atmosphere.

We work together with all the entrepreneurs in the Schagchtelstraat to promote our street in and around Haarlem. The Schagchtelstraat was a very unknown street, sins our collaboration the traffic on the street is three times more on a Saturday than it used to be. Also we organise and participate in a lot of events, for example Haarlem shopping night in June.


How do you compose a collection?
I make moodboards, classified in three themes. During the previous selection the themes were: Cinque Terre, Naturale and Festino. I make sure the colours and silhouettes of different labels fit with each other. Having these themes in mind, I present the collections in my store.  This way I create a clear picture, that works for the look and feel of the store. It is the best way for me to inspire my customer and to distinctively communicate my collections.