Innerlijke schoonheid. Innerlijke dromen. Innerlijke Utopia.

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Hoss intropia is a brand that doesn’t dictate style, but it helps women in finding their own. It’s a philosophy more than a brand. A brand that inspires to be yourself. To feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s for real women, for women who don’t need to make a statement through branding- but who are sure of themselves. The inner adventure of being true to yourself.

“Intropia” is a dream that wants to become true. It’s something that makes each woman unique. Hoss Intropia collections are created for real women and by real women. They are the result of many sources of inspiration, designed for a wide range of women who want to find their own way to reflect their personality.

Each season we choose “contemporary princesses” to represent this essence of the brand. Real women with a strong personality who stand out in their careers and who are striving to fulfill their dream.

You can find Hoss intropia together with the brands; Antik Batik,  Style Butler,  Hemisphere, L’autre Chose D’Archive and Tara Jarmon at the platform Salon.