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Lotte Lampe (34), Another Label
Job title: Co-owner

Could you describe your label for those who are not familiar with it?
“Amsterdam, down to earth, Parisian influence, feminine touch and New York coolness.”

Passion for fashion?
“I was brought up on fashion. I’m the daughter of two parents with a label. I always say that I can’t do anything else, that I don’t know any better. I used to sit and staple colour cards instead of colouring in pictures. I’ve always enjoyed fashion, so I did not have to think hard about what I was going to do when I grew up.”

What have you learned from the fashion business so far?|
“That it’s a very tough business. I deal with that by staying positive and cheerful and approaching everything with a smile. It is also very important to remain true to yourself and maintain your own individuality.”

What sense or feeling do you hope to invoke in wearers of Another Label?
“A sense of independent, cheerful uniqueness. Being proud of who you are.”

A clothing item worth investing in?
“That would have to be a nice jacket. Of course, everything is worth investing in. But I firmly       believe that beautiful things should be affordable.”

What item forms the common thread in all your collections?
“The statement sweaters, inspired by New York. But also the prints, which we develop ourselves. These are the result of an extensive and long design process.”

What fashion advice would you give your younger self?
“I would never say that you need to go to Primark. I’d say to try to spend ten euros more, but no more than that. But I would want to be a little more aware of what I buy and where.”