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Maurice Tuhusula (33), Pig & Hen
Job title: Sales and events

For those who are not familiar with your label, how would you describe it?
“We’re a men’s bracelet brand from North Amsterdam. Our Pig & Hen bracelets are handmade from sailing and ship rope. The idea originated from the owner of Pig & Hen, Dominique. He’s a sailor and once made a bracelet out of sailing wire. He received so many positive responses that he decided to make more bracelets. We showcased our products at Modefabriek for the first time four years ago and things have been moving upward ever since.”

And the story behind the name Pig & Hen?
“In the 1600s, the Dutch sailed to unknown parts of the world. They discovered new countries and faced tremendous challenges at sea. To protect themselves, many sailors had a tattoo of a pig with a hen on top on their foot. This tattoo served to protect the men, so they could survive a treacherous journey at sea. It gave them a sense of safety, as did the pigs and hens on board, who were kept in wooden crates and could always drift to land.”

And how would you describe the brand in five words?
“Bracelet, strong, men, rugged and sea.”

Where does your passion for fashion originate?
“I began working part-time in a jeans store when I was fifteen. That’s where my passion for dry denim began (points to pants). My denim and I are like one. I have a sort of James Bond wardrobe, only filled with jeans and a rack with (almost identical) light blue denim shirts. That’s my lifestyle and it makes me feel good.”

What sense or feeling do you hope to invoke in wearers of your label?
“The idea is that you never need to take off your Pig & Hen bracelet. You can shower, play sports and get dirty with it. And the older it gets, the more character and its own identity it develops.”