J.O.T.T. // Just Over The Top

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J.O.T.T. was born last year when two gentlemen from Marseille were tired to pay too much for a simple modern down jacket. They came up with the name J.O.T.T. very quickly because it stands for Just Over The Top. Not even one year later they are gainingĀ  ground in the rest of Europe. Each jacket contains 215 gr. of fine goose wool, which guarantees comfort without becoming too thick. For those of us who have recently visited the Cote d’Azure, might have seen these jackets on every corner of the street. In the Netherlands the brand is now sold at Van Dijk in Waalwijk, Westside in Den Bosch, Senso and Classics in The Hague, Country in Arnhem, Cosmic Cowboys in Amsterdam, Your in Antwerp, Van Lange in Breda, Frank Hendriks in Oss and Voorwinden in ‘s Gravendeel. Upcoming Modefabriek, J.O.T.T. will present their collection at Chapter for the first time.

J.O.T.T. packages