Kerkstraat Fashion & Design 2012

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The ArtEZ Institute of the Arts and a number of prominent fashion retailers on Kerkstraat in Arnhem – the leading fashion street in this unique fashion city – have decided to take full advantage of this ‘leap year’ in the Arnhem Fashion Biennial. ArtEZ is exhibiting in Dudoc with Arnhem Fashion Collection and Arnhem Product Collection from 1 June to 31 July. Fashion entrepreneurs Arnhem Coming Soon, Jones Arnhem, TrixenRees, Sjaak Hullekes and The People of the Labyrinths are welcoming the expected throngs of fashion lovers with their own in-store events. Initiatives include a film made by Judith ter Haar from Jones Arnhem on seven women and their favourite designer dress and successful young Dutch designer Sjaak Hullekes is presenting his new limited edition ‘Perfume’ in 64 antique bottles and, in the back garden of his boutique, a series of concerts is being organised with students from the local conservatory.

Kerkstraat Fashion & Design 2012 takes place from 1-10 June.