KISS AND TELL / / Een merk met een verhaal

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Kiss and Tell

KISS AND TELL is a new ethical fashion brand which is all about natural and hand-woven silk. Inspired by travels to the remote parts of North-East India, this new brand introduces you to an unknown world of silk. These true treasures of nature are all hand-woven by local weavers in India, which gives the brand its raw and unique features.

KISS AND TELL is proud to launch its first SS Collection “Weaving the fabrics of my World”. The collection presents the silk fabrics “Peace Silk” and “Monk Cloth”, both made only after the silkworms have left their cocoons to fly into the world as butterflies. We promote traditional silk farming. By using different kinds of hand-woven silk KISS AND TELL helps to keep the traditional silk farming alive. Together with local NGO’s we create fair jobs for weavers and provide a living for many Indian families. Combining ethics with style and beauty makes this new brand a story to tell…

Kiss and Tell