Het denim & silk liefdesverhaal van KISS AND TELL

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KISS AND TELL is all about natural and handmade silk. This Amsterdam based brand translates ancient Indian crafts into modern, timeless designs. KISS AND TELL works with natural and hand-woven silks only. The brand wants to keep the natural silk farming and the ancient craftsmanship alive and creates employment in the rural villages of India.

As a luxurious fashion brand conscious about their impact on our planet, KISS AND TELL uses so called ‘peace silk’. Peace silk is made by a ‘smart’ silkworm that spins it’s cocoon differently with a small hole from which he can fly away after becoming a butterfly. So there is no need to kill these silkworms anymore.

For their SS2015 collection KISS AND TELL introduces a new fabric called the ‘denim silk’. Inspired by the city of Jodphur, also known as the ‘Blue City of India’, designer Bahareh Panjeh Shahi developed a 100% silk variation of jeans. This new denim silk is used for several items in the collection, which are showcased at MINT.

Denim and (peace)silk lovers, pass by KISS AND TELL’s stand at MINT to check out their unique denim silk collection!