Kuyichi is volledig transparant op haar nieuwe website

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kuyichi - kopie

Kuyichi launches its new website at MINT. The brand wants to be fully transparent and shows where the products are made, by whom and how.

Kuyichi has done research to find out what their customers want. The Kuyichi consumers want to know who made the products, the location of the factories and the working conditions.  It was a big challenge for the communication team of Kuyichi  to present the outcome of their research. They will shown  the collected data per product on the webshop.

kuyichi 1 - kopie

The Kuyichi team has been traveling to Turkey and Tunisia. They photographed and filmed at the jeans locations in these countries. Kuyichi spotlights the production staff. You see which products Muhammad from Tunisia has produced, in which factory he works and what materials he works with.

Kuyichi can be found at MINT & Blueprint.

kuyichi 2 - kopie