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Come January 20-21, MINT will be the stage for a play both conscious, sustainable and highly fashionable. 25 exclusive brands combine respect for our environment, the people on our planet and an inspiring sense of style and fashion. But not just that: MINT showcases special lifestyle labels too, to create a complete experience.

TWO-O is the brainchild of two promising designers showing their original and sustainable wooden gadgets such as iPhone cases, cufflinks and sunglasses. Also new to MINT is Bottelicous, presenting stylish and lasting drinking bottles and tumblers. Made from domestically grown soybeans, KOBO candles are an environmentally friendly way to bring romance and aroma to your home. Speaking of romance, Underprotection returns to MINT to bring sustainable, yet spicy and fashionable underwear for men and women.

‘Lovers of beautiful things’ should seek out OPTIONS! if they feel like a bit of shopping. The contemporary department store offers a wide range of lifestyle accessories, such as books, tableware, t-shirts, tea and candle stands, and will pop up again at MINT.

For relaxation in between all that lifestyle and fashion, MINT has two options: either check out the natural skincare that ESSE organic skincare provides, or stop by Ekelogical’s booth, where the natural beauty parlour will be giving massages to visitors. Sign up and enjoy!

We will be glad to welcome you to MINT at Modefabriek on January 20-21 (Hall 4).