LIGER lanceert 6th wave tijdens Modefabriek

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LIGER is a unique T-shirt concept founded 2 years ago. Leading designers are using a T-shirt as canvas and make a design based on always a different theme. The shirts have a unique number and will be released in a limited edition of 360 pieces per artist. On 12 and 13 July at the Modefabriek LIGER will introduce the 6th wave T-shirts and a broader portfolio.

New wave, new artists
When there is a new theme, new designers are selected. For the latest theme ‘ Big Cities ‘ the chosen artists are: Eryc Why, MeLikePainting, Moker, Lucky Dubz, Creative Blast and Bart Sparnaaij. These artists are all well-known names in the fashion and advertising industry, both nationally and internationally. There is a booklet attached to each shirt with a biography of the designers. Each shirt is has its own unique number! Starting at 001/360 and ending at 360/360. LIGER shirts are collector’s items by birth, uniqueness is guaranteed, you have our Liger’s word on it.

LIGER has a totally different approach than existing labels and the concept is a succes. The first five wave’s were a big hit and a lot of famous people have been seen in a LIGER. Barry Hay, Victor Reinier, Michael Boogerd, Raemon Sluiter, Martijn Krabbé, Tijl Bekant, Ron Vlaar, Winston Post and many others were spotted in a LIGER collector’s item. The concept is rolled out in other countries in the coming years. There are 360 pieces per item per country available and a country code is added so that it still remains a collector’s item.

You can find this label at The Frame