Listen up & Learn // #LEARN // DISTRICT D

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#LEARN Winter School Modefabriek

Modefabriek is much more than just two days of absorbing the latest collections, discovering brands and meeting new people. Modefabriek is ‘More Than Mode’: it is also a place to learn about important trends and tendencies, finding inspiration in unique individuals in the field, and acquiring essential knowledge for bringing out the best in your business. The #LEARN programme for 22 and 23 January is definitive, so mark your must-see MF Talks, Winter School Master Classes and Expert Sessions in your agenda!

MF Talks + Winter School + Expert

The Modefabriek lecture programme has expanded considerably over the past few years to become a complete #LEARN programme. Structural changes, such as digitalisation, Internet and the post-crisis retail situation, have unleashed an ambitious dynamic within our creative profession.

District D at Modefabriek is entirely dedicated to the theme LEARN / SHOP / EAT, and is the home of all of the #LEARN activities: MF Talks, Winter School and Expert.

MF Talks
are the familiar free-admission trend lectures, workshops and inspiring case studies, with people and brands straight from the Modefabriek floor. For example; David Shah gives a XL Trend Talk about ‘Millennials – The shock of the new’, I-D/VICE will host a panel about ‘successes on social media’, Daily Paper and Puma share their Marketing knowhow and Kirsten Jassies tells you how to become a fashion Instabrand.

Winter School is the continuation of our Summer School organised in cooperation with Fashion Council NL, offering a series of four in-depth Master Classes for designers, makers and entrepreneurs; for all (young &) eager professionals.

Expert will present eight expert desks where you can go for a one-on-one consultation from true experts in the fields of online marketing and social media. Simply come by at the moment it is most convenient for you – at no extra charge and without any obligations.