Meet Julia from Another-Label

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Two days full of inspiration, discoveries and fashion. At Modefabriek we do not only spot trendy people, but we also shine a spotlight on our brands and the people behind these brands. Modefabriek halted some stand holders for a fashionable chit chat.

Julia Kuijs, Another-Label
Product development and sales

What is Another Label?
The owners of We Are Labels have joined forces with the owner of their production company. We Are Labels noticed the great speed at which their shops were developing and decided to start a new brand: Another-Label. The great thing about Another-Label is that the people who see the item, get excited and after seeing the price tag, they still want to take the item home. This is exactly the vision of Another-Label. Besides, having your own brand has the advantage of having the opportunity to analyse everything: what does well, what do the people pick up and what not. Therefore, with new collections, we will be able to respond to these movements. At the moment our products are already being sold in 8 countries.

And if you would have to describe Another Label in 5 words?
Parisien, New York, fashionable, (super)commercial and female cool.

And what about your love for the profession?
I once started at AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) and I just finished. In addition, I have been working as part of the Another-Label team for a year now. Apart of my education, my love for fashion originated when I was a little girl. On a holiday I would usually dress up differently five times a day to parade around the swimming pool. Besides, I think it is really cool to combine a set of commercial aspects with fashion within this company.

What would you advise the customer of Another Label to invest in next season?
That would be a combination between de sweatshirts we release every season, and our knitted suits as well as the print suits. This combo we believe is important to display.

Do you have a specific habit with clothing?
I am the type of girl to tuck everything in my pants. I believe this improves the entire look. Especially since I like loose fitting T’s and blouses.

What fashion advice would you give to your younger self?
Back in the days I used to dress up in outfits I now see from a different point of view. I really wonder where I got the idea from to mix and match these items. Of course my mom also noticed my unique way of dressing. Therefore, she decided to take a picture of my outfits every morning, for later. So now I have a whole collage. It was clearly a fase. But, if I had to give my younger self a concrete set of advice, it would be: buy less gimcrack and choose less season-related items.