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Matinique is a menswear label from Denmark, Copenhagen and was founded in 1973. Matinique offers Scandinavian fashion, where quality and comfort is the point of focus.

Rutger Versluis, Le Nord Agency
Job title: Agent of Matinique

What makes Matinique different from other labels nowadays?
Matinique offers accessible fashion with an eye for detail and the perfect price/quality ratio. The brand has been very consistent throughout years of experience and has a very high reputation. Matinique offers the total collection: from dressed to casual and from underwear to footwear.

What about Matinique would surprise people?
Matinique is growing fast and in full swing with powerful collections, continuous innovation, and strong marketing which will make sure you won’t miss out on us.

Why did you choose Modefabriek to present Matinique?
Since Le Nord became the agent for Matinique, we have not skipped a single edition yet! For us, it is the ideal opportunity to kick-off the season and present our collections to our current customers, but also to new customers. Because we are present every edition, people know where to find us. Modefabriek is a good local fair with an international allure.

What made you decided to become a distributor of Matinique?
In the past, I worked for Matinique. The brand was still part of IC Companys. IC chose to transfer the brand to another agent, which was an excellent opportunity for me to set up Le Nord. Shortly after setting up the agency, Matinique was taken over by DK Company. And this was exactly what the brand needed.

What other brands can visitors discover at your stand(s)?
Across Matinique’s stand, we will present our own brand: Pig&Hen, men’s bracelets made of authentic ship rope. Pig&Hen was founded in 2013. We manufacture the bracelets ourselves in Amsterdam and we sell our products to more than 800 fashion retailers worldwide.