Meet Sureyya from Bestseller

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Two days full of inspiration, discoveries and fashion. At Modefabriek we do not only spot trendy people, but we also shine a spotlight on our brands and the people behind these brands. Modefabriek halted some stand holders for a fashionable chit chat.

Sureyya Ozkan, Bestseller
Sales manager

How would you describe Bestseller in 5 words?
Price, product, trend driven, business driven, concept.

How did your love for fashion originate?
Originally, I have an economic background (HEAO). Right now, I have been working at Bestseller for already nine years. That is the great thing about this company, the opportunities for (self-)development are almost endless and there are a lot of chances.

Which clothing item or accessory would you advise your customers to invest in?
I would say: go for a sustainable item. A good pair of jeans, a leather jacket, or a great pair of shoes. Those are the top three products that are definitely worth the investment.

What fashion advice would you give to your younger self?
Keep it simple! A lot of women are trying way too hard. I believe this is the right time to show who you really are, rather than wearing all those ‘extra’s’. Don’t make fashion too complicated for yourself.

Do you see a specific shift or change within the fashion industry?
I think the current entrepreneur is definitely more aware of the business part of the complete story of a brand. That’s why the role of the concept is nowadays so important: so the background of the brand is right as well and not only the product, the deliveries, the speed of the turnover etc. That is a very good development. The current entrepreneur really needs a good package of knowledge to be successful.  

What type of feeling do you want to carry out with the clothing of Bestseller?
Affordable luxury. That is what we want to be and carry out. Everyone who wears an item of Bestseller knows it is trend driven and knows the ultimate benefit you receive for the price you’ve paid. Before, we could only look at the catwalk, but now we are able to buy it.