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Joël Ferdinandus, INretail
Job title: INcrowd connector

Where were you before this and how did you get here?
In 2008 I opened the all-inclusive men store LokalHeroz. Despite the positive reactions, I had to close the store in the Spring of 2013 due to economic circumstances. After having launched a marketing campaign for the clothing brand Van Gils and having developed a concept for the King Kong Hostel (Best Dutch Hostel 2014 & 2015 according to Hostelworld), I got the chance to start working at branch association INretail.

What about your work would surprise people?
The willingness of entrepreneurs to help each other out is one of the most intriguing things of my job.

What about your work would inspire people?
By working together we can really make a difference and change the game. No matter the size of your company. 

What about your work/the future excites you the most?
At the moment I am helping out starting innovators with their finances. What excites me most is that they might become heads of successful international fashion companies in ten years’ time.

What are new possibilities, technologies and trends in retail?
The rebirth of the Local Hero. Despite the rise of big international retailers, I notice opportunities for entrepreneurs who choose a personal concept. They make good use of the possibilities that the current climate offers.

Which innovations in retail will not exist anymore in 10 years?
If there is one thing I have learned from the technological innovations of today, it is that they might already be outdated one week later. I believe it is important to securely monitor these type of developments, to simply try out different things, to embrace success and to distance yourself from things that are insufficiently promising.