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tiger of sweden

It all started in 1903 in Uddevalla (a small town on the west coast of Sweden) when Marcus Schwartzman & Hjalmar Nordström founded Tiger of Sweden, specialized in making top quality tailored suits. Instead of sitting in the shop all day, waiting for the customers to show up, they visited the costumers at their homes to take all the measurements.

But these individual fittings took an incredible amount of time. And so they came up with the idea of making ready-to-wear suits in top quality materials, with modern design and a perfect fit. It was a bold and brand new idea, but it turned out to be a hit. One of the early suit styles was called ‘Tiger’ and it became so popular that Schwartman put the sign ‘Tigerkläder’ (Tiger Clothing) on the façade of the factory. From that day on everybody called the company ‘Tiger’.

In the early 90’s a new management gave the company a fresh boost with an adaption of the slogan ‘A Different Cut’. Pretty much everything got replaced, except for the name Tiger of Sweden and the importance of working with first class materials. The new designers made what they personally would want to wear. Suit jackets had to be wearable without a tie, pairing them with jeans and a T-shirt.

Tiger started to collaborate with the best jeans related shops in the country, frequented by the curious public. The first collection was well received by shop owners and plenty of artists, authors, rock stars as well as pioneering media personalities wanted to wear their suits. The one hundred year old brand that once started as a small town company was suddenly Sweden’s next best thing.

What makes Tiger of Sweden different from other tailors nowadays?
Every piece is made with love, comes with a cool attitude and revolves around the idea that a suit should be wearable in both a smart and a more relaxed way. A double-breasted jacket with a T-shirt underneath is, for example, a signature Tiger of Sweden look. Convinced, you should be able to wear a suit 24/7 Tiger took formal clothing out of the financial district right into the streets.

In addition, they claim their garments have the perfect fit. The brand’s renowned design expertise, excellent craftsmanship and deep understanding of fabric types, guarantees that each suit achieves the highest quality possible. Every Tiger of Sweden piece is crafted in Stockholm with care and from the finest top-notch European fabrics. In close collaboration with their super skilled pattern makers and some of the best weavers across Europe, the design team continuously creates unique patterns for each and every style.

What about Tiger of Sweden would surprise people?
Tiger of Sweden is currently one of the fastest growing brands in its genre and quickly gained an international following. Tiger of Sweden shops can be found in Sweden and beyond. From Denmark, Norway and Finland to Germany, Canada and even South Africa. In addition, Tiger has no less than twelve hundred points of sale widely spread over eighteen countries on three continents.

Why did you choose Modefabriek to present Tiger of Sweden?
This year marks the re-launch of Tiger of Sweden in The Netherlands with us as their new partner for the Dutch market. We truly believe there is no better place for us to start this new adventure and kick-off the season than at our one and only local tradeshow: MODEFABRIEK.

What made you decided to become a distributor of Tiger of Sweden?
In order to expand our business, we have been hunting for the perfect brand with a strong head to toe collection for quite some time. When we got the opportunity to work with Tiger of Sweden, everything fell into place. Ranging from suits and jeans to shoes and accessories TIGER OF SWEDEN is about covering all aspects of the wardrobe for both men and women. But having a strong collection on its own isn’t going to cut it. The company behind Tiger of Sweden is extremely strong and professional, which is perhaps just as important. Being able to work with such an amount of experience, knowledge as well as quality and craftsmanship, feels a bit like playing in the Champions League.

What is important when selecting labels for Lexson?
Quality is key. This is definitely an important requirement we set to all brands that we work with. We are even more interested when there’s nice twist, a raw edge or an interesting story to tell. Last but not least, we aim to provide the best possible service for our customers. In order to achieve that, it’s essential for us to work with highly professional and well-structured companies. We are always looking for an ally to build a strong, trust-based and lasting partnership with. Whatever we do, we do it together. We are convinced that this is THE only way to be successful in a difficult market.

What other brands can visitors discover at your stand?
Our other brands are the Scandinavian queen of jackets ELVINE, women’s jeans specialist FIVE UNITS, boutique favorite JUST FEMALE and the everyday label TWIST & TANGO. Currently, each of these brands is a true winner, as they all show a strong beautiful growth. We are extremely proud to offer the visitors of MODEFABRIEK such an exciting mix of successful fashion brands and we definitely cannot wait to show their FW2017 collections.