Melik Shoes op Modefabriek

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The purpose of Melik Shoes is to further penetrate into the top-five Dutch men shoebrands. Melik wants to distinguish itself as a high-quality and fashionable label with an exciting new designs. All to fully meet the needs of the fashion conscious man.

Melik Shoes started from the idea that the range of men shoes in the Netherlands was not ‘sexy’ enough. According to Melik Alphan (creative of the label) the collection distinguishes itself in all facets; a high-quality brand with eye-catching designs, a clear and recognizable style using beautiful materials.

In each model, you can see and feel the passion for creating beautiful shoes. In the men’s fashion industry, particularly the prominent fashion stores are offering the collection of Melik Shoes. However, the brand is aimed at a wide audience, from casual wear to dressed grooms. At the beginning of next season, they will start some ‘fun’ action in the shops. For five months they give ‘Melik bags’ away to customers and also the best sellers are likely to win a bag.

Melik Shoes can be found in The Square at Modefabriek.