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Mercedes-Benz is ‘Official Partner’ of the 33rd edition of Modefabriek, to be held at the Amsterdam RAI on 22 and 23 July 2012. During Modefabriek, Mercedes-Benz features prominently, hosting its own A-Class pavilion and offering a luxury shuttle service. While the world’s top fashion-week sponsor will also be making its voice heard on the website throughout the 2013 spring/summer season.

As inventor of the car and style icon, Mercedes-Benz is the leading sponsor of countless national and international fashion events. As title sponsor the brand is associated with Fashion Weeks including New York, Los Angeles and Berlin, and close to home the Dutch Fashion Awards.

Mercedes-Benz’s own vision on fashion and design fulfils a prominent role in the way the company manifests itself. Take the Icons of Style campaign with Lara Stone for example. Or the online style platform mb! by Mercedes-Benz.

“The requirements that apply to fashion and cars are largely identical. Our choice of car or outfit determines the way in which we want to present ourselves. Trendsetting design therefore plays a central role in both in fashion and within the automotive sector. Perfection, high-end innovation and distinctive style – those are the connections between Mercedes-Benz design and high-end fashion,” says Mercedes-Benz, on the subject of its close ties with the avant-garde of international fashion.

As the only Dutch fashion exhibition with an international appeal, Modefabriek is proud of its exclusive collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, since it is an acknowledgement of quality in both creation and execution. During this summer’s edition, Mercedes-Benz is hosting its ‘Winglet’ pavilion, at which it will present its new A-Class. This new generation A-Classe is highly distinguished and tangible evidence of how  style, design and quality come together.

This 120m2 pavilion has a prominent position in front of the main entrance to Modefabriek. Not only will visitors be able to admire the Mercedes-Benz car designs, but they are also able to experience them, as Mercedes-Benz provides the shuttle service.

Modefabriek’s ‘Official Partner’ manifests itself by making its voice heard on the Modefabriek website, offering fashionable news.