MINT-merk BsaB maakt kaarsen zonder elektriciteit en water!

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Back in 2006 the founders of BsaB, Nicolas and Deng-On, started an organic scented candle brand in their living room in their house in Thailand. After some very successful years, it became obvious that their house was too small to serve as a production facility and therefore Nicolas and Deng-On decided to build a new manufacturing plant. Together they designed a facility that is 100% self-sufficient, entirely in line with the vision of their brand. 

Self-sufficiency means that the facility will not be connected to the electricity grid or water supply. By means of a hydroelectric power station, wind turbines, and solar panels the facility produces enough energy for the production of their organic candles. Built on stilts above a lake and surrounded by trees and plants, the facility will keep itself cool.


The construction of this new creation centre is still in progress, but meanwhile the production of candles continues in BsaB’s old facility. Make sure you pass by BsaB’s stand at MINT to smell the scents of their fashionable candles and diffusers and to get to know more about the development of BsaB’s self-sufficient manufacturing plant.